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General Data Protection Regulations

You have rights over your personal data that my office holds about you (and that applies to paper, electronic or any way we hold your information).

I have always protected your information and used what you have given me as your MSP only in ways that I have agreed with you. I have also sought permission before sharing your information with any third party such as:

  • the local authority, the NHS Board, Housing Association, police and so on. Indeed where necessary I have asked for a mandate to be signed specifically authorising any such contact.

  • If I am contacted by you on behalf of a neighbour or family member for example I advise that I will need them to contact me themselves or to authorise you to act on their behalf, or for you to produce a Power of Attorney (welfare).

  • I have always asked if someone agrees to their picture being placed on my Facebook Pages which is in part a diary of my weekly work.

  • I have copied you into correspondence to authorised third parties and to their replies.

  • I do not make public any of your personal details unless you have  clearly indicated your consent so to do.


I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office with code ICO:00040532665 and you can inspect my registration at any time and get advice on data from their web site. There is a button on their page to allow searches of the register. 

For more detailed explanation you can access my full privacy notice here

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